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Frequently asked questions

Who can use Subfolio?

Anyone (with a bit of geek in them)

  • anyone with FTP or WebDAV access can use it
  • anyone with little development experience can set it up
  • anyone who codes can really benefit (and even profit) from it

I have no experience at all

Get your web-geek friend to set it up for you or find someone in the support forum to help you out.

You can: upload content via FTP or WebDAV.

I can’t really code, but I can find my way around

Great, this app is for you. You will be able to do most everything you need pretty easily.

You can also: install and configure Subfolio and use enhancers with no problem.


Even better, you are going to have some fun making it your own. Once you’re done, please share in our support forum.

You can also: customize an existing theme and create a new theme.

Let me at it, I eat code for breakfast

Right on, have at it. If you do something cool, please share in our support forum.

You can also: change existing features and add new features

I’m in the business of web design

Dude, there’s money to be made. Many of your clients probably could use Subfolio, so offer it to them. You can easily get a few hundred bucks for installing it for them or more for customizing a theme or the functionality.

Just be cool and buy a license for each client/domain you install it on.

Hosting considerations

Does Subfolio have special hosting needs?

Nope. Subfolio was made to be drop and go as long as you have the correct system requirements. Of course each server is set-up differently so you might need to see with your system administrator to make a slight adjustment.

Can I use Subfolio on a shared host?

Yes you can. A dedicated server gives you more control of the environment (eg. if you’d like to use special characters in URL’s) however all Subfolio features should work within a shared hosting environment (with PHP5 enabled).

What do I need for storage and bandwidth?

Subfolio is no different than a normal website. If you are going to use it as a file server, consider a dedicated server with lots of storage. If you are famous, consider a hosting account with high bandwidth allowances.

What if I don’t want it for my main website?

No problem, we recommend setting up a sub-domain such as studio.example.com. It’s clean and purdy.

About the license

Is Subfolio a hosted service?

No, it is a PHP5 app that you run on your own server. However, a hosted version is part of our future roadmap.

Is there a user limit?

No there isn’t.

Is the price a one-time fee?

Yes and minor updates will be free to licensed users. Major upgrades will require a new purchase.

How many domains are included?

A license is valid for one domain (e.g. www.example.com) however, feel free to install it on as many sub-domains as you’d like (e.g. private.example.com).

Can I transfer my license to another domain?

A license is for one domain at a time. If you choose to move it to another domain, remove it from the older one or purchase another single license.

Can I use Subfolio as a base for my own project?

Sure you can, as long as you don’t sell it.

Can I install Subfolio for my clients?

Yes, we recommend it. Many of your clients could probably benefit from Subfolio. Just be cool and buy a license for each client/domain you install it on.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately no. By purchasing Subfolio, you are getting access to the complete source code … so there’s no going back baby.

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