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How it works

1-minute installation

Since Subfolio has no database, installation is as simple as downloading the most recent version and dropping it onto your server. Subfolio has been optimized to even work within a basic shared hosting environment (with PHP5 enabled).

Package contents

Subfolio is made up of three folders: config, directory and engine and a file named “htaccess” (which must be renamed to “.htaccess”“ for Subfolio to begin working).


The engine is the logic behind Subfolio. You don’t ever have to touch it (unless you are an experienced coder who wants to change or extend the app itself). Just leave it alone and let it work its magic. For updates and upgrades, the engine is what gets replaced.


Ahhh, this is where Subfolio really shines. Here is where you manage your general settings, interface language, file kinds, themes, users and groups.


And this is where Subfolio gets fun. Subfolio comes with one default theme with a plethora of options — allowing you to control almost every aspect of the experience. Plus, you can create your own color palette and switch them out with ease.

Users can develop themes as well. We’ve stripped out all the logic from the theme so that you only have to deal with HTML/CSS. AREA 17 plans to develop some additional themes in the future, too.


This is where you dump all your content. Subfolio then reads this folder and instantly turns the content into a website — folders become sections, files become pages. Subfolio will recognize any file type out-of-the-box. And if we’ve missed one, you can easily add it yourself.


Subfolio enhancers are simple plaintext files or naming conventions that changes the behavior of files and folders (e.g. embedding text or images) or create behaviors that normally doesn’t exist within a file system (e.g. external links, pop-up windows, etc).

Enhancers, in conjunction with theme options, allow you to turn your file system into a simple yet elegant website.

features  /  how it works  /  examples  /  download  /  about  /  sessions  /  FAQ