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Feature overview

Instant Satisfaction

Installs on your server

Subfolio is not a hosted service, giving you complete control over your environment, your data and even the application itself.

No database required

No install files, no database setup and no content management system. Drop the app on your server and it works immediately.


Subfolio uses PHP5 and has been optimized to work even within a basic shared hosting environment.


Drop files and folders online using FTP or WebDAV. Organize. Reorganize. Whatever you do, Subfolio will follow.

Instant thumbnails

All browser-viewable images automatically generate thumbnails. Upload a few hundred images and you’ll fall in love.


Subfolio works with existing file structures – simply drop it into the app, and you are done. Your file structure will always remain intact.

Supports all file kinds

No need to limit yourself, Subfolio will recognize any file kind out-of-the-box. And if we’ve missed one, you can easily add it.

Designed for simplicity

Streamlined interface allows for versatility and focus, including keyboard controls, easy to read URL’s and out-of-the box SEO-friendliness.

Mobile browsing

Comes with a custom theme optimized for iPhone and Android devices. Amazing, really, we mean it.

Infinite Possibilities

Beyond file browsing

Feature or hide content, embed text and images, create pop-ups, shortcuts, external links, slideshows, RSS embeds and so on.

Access control

Create unlimited users and groups. Then allow/deny them folder-level access based on your security needs.


Change the interface language and the use of any language character set. Subfolio also supports foreign/special character in file names and urls.

Have it your way

Equipped with a multitude of options to help you configure your interface and settings. We assume you know best.


Switch themes without touching your file structure or even the application itself. And if you know a little CSS, you can customize a theme of your own.

Color palettes

Create your own color palettes and switch them as often as you’d like. Subfolio comes with a default and dark palette to get you started.


Lightweight, standards-compliant and extensible, you get full assess to the un-obfuscated code to satisfy the geek in you.

Make some cash

Install and customize Subfolio for your clients. You’ll make an easy buck and they’ll be thanking you for years to come. Just make sure you follow the End User License Agreement.

features  /  how it works  /  examples  /  download  /  about  /  sessions  /  FAQ